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We handle wills, family estate planning, and living trusts (also called revocable trusts).  We also handle probate cases across the State of Oregon and assist with trust administration.

Our goal is to complete your Oregon probate and/or trust administration as fast as possible while being cost-effective, training personal representatives and trustees as necessary to handle many probate and trust administration business tasks.

If you need a will or living trust, we know your estate planning is important to you and your loved ones.  With this in mind, we will carefully guide you towards the correct solution to protect yourself and your loved ones.  We do not oversell expensive plans involving Oregon living trusts to people who do not need trusts.  Call us to learn what is necessary for your specific estate plan.

Avoiding Probate in Oregon

Estate planning can be utilized to reduce or avoid probate costs.  Oregon probate law allows estates with real estate valued at less than $200,000 and personal property valued at less than $75,000 to use the Oregon small estate probate procedure which is completed quickly and is not costly in attorneys fees.

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