My Philosophy

I believe all people have a right to affordable, quality legal services. Securing your rightful inheritance and ensuring that your family has legal access is a critical step in life planning. My approach includes guiding the family in an efficient and thoughtful probate process. I actively work to save the family money, helping the personal representative, the "executor", to perform many of the probate tasks.

Friendly, Affordable, Prompt, Experienced

Call a probate attorney in Oregon who is friendly, prompt, affordable, and experienced in helping you during this difficult time. I only practice probate and estate law, so I can focus on the details of your case. Call me to compare my attorneys fees against other lawyers. Let me help you prepare your wills and trusts. I will not try to talk you into an estate plan you do not need. Straight talk and reasonable fees always.

Oregon Probate, Wills, and Trusts

Oregon Probate Information

What is probate?  When is it necessary?  What does it cost?  Read the following Frequently Asked Questions to get answers to some basic probate questions.  Call me at no cost to learn more. What is probate? Probate is a very old legal process designed to make sure a deceased person's creditors and taxes are paid before the family members or will beneficiaries receive their … [Read More...]

Oregon Will Information

Frequently Asked Questions About Wills in Oregon Should I have a will? Yes.  Everyone should have a will.  If you have a will, you get to decide who receives your estate, who acts as a personal representative, and you can waive the bond fee.  If you have minor children, you can name a trustee to manage their money until they reach a responsible age (most people choose 25 … [Read More...]

Oregon Revocable Living Trusts

Frequently Asked Questions About Revocable Trusts Should I have a revocable trust to avoid probate? You should have a trust only if you are older and only if you have substantial assets.  Revocable trusts (also called living trusts or family trusts) have been oversold to the public by many lawyers.  A revocable trust only controls assets transferred carefully into the … [Read More...]

Will vs. Living Trust in Oregon, What is Best for You?

Living trusts, also called revocable trusts or family trusts, are not for everyone.   There are lawyers who will bombard you with a litany of scare stories, insisting that having a trust is the only way to go.  Here are some of the scare stories:   Probate is a disaster and takes years; the Government will get your property; you will lose the estate to taxes; and the … [Read More...]

The Conversation Project

If you are a senior, talking to your children about your end of life decisions is both difficult and essential. Having the conversation about those last few days of your life is an essential component to have quality of life in your final days. It lifts the burden from your loved ones, and eases their heart at what will be a difficult time. You are the expert on making these decisions about your own care, not doctors, nurses or attorneys. Start the dialog with your kids. Have the conversation.

Also, if you have elderly parents who might benefit from starting this dialog, it is appropriate for you to let your parents know that you are ready to hear their wishes about end stage care, when they are ready to talk to you. Start the communication with them.

Fortunately, there is a nationwide movement to help people begin the discussion about end of life decisions. To learn more, please visit The Conversation Project:

At their website, you will find a “Starter Kit”. This will help you begin the process of gathering your thoughts prior to expressing your wishes in writing. Of course, if I prepare your will and advance directive, I will help you to put your wishes into writing at the time of our meeting. But if if you can, please have the conversation with loved ones first.

Oregon Probate, Wills, Trusts

I am an Oregon attorney committed to helping you and your family with probate, wills, family estate planning, and living trusts. I handle probates in all Oregon counties. My goal is to complete your probate as fast as possible while keeping your costs low.

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